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We provide tax and accounting services that ensure you pay the least amount of taxes legally possible.

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Welcome to Victor and Associates

We are your comprehensive accounting partner. Victor and Associates is a full-service cannabis accounting firm dedicated to maximizing your profits. Our accounting services help you save on taxes, prevent costly mistakes and free up your time so you can grow your business. We offer a full range of accounting, tax and financial services options designed to help you maximize your legal tax benefits. From creating your business entity to helping you understand 280e, Victor and Associates can take your accounting needs to the next level.

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Christianie-Carty Founder Victor and Associates

Christianie Carty

Founder Victor and Associates

Expert Advisor

We keep it in house! Our network consists of Cannabis experts in all fields, law, banking, taxes, tech so whatever facet of the industry you need assistance with we can provide it.

Tax Partner

We are your Cannabis Tax Partner. We equip cannabis business owners and operators with the keys to success, thus putting you on the path for optimal performance.


Helping Cannabis businesses grow is at the heart of what we do. We help cannabis entrepreneurs win business licenses, optimize operations, and maximize their profits.

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At Victor and Associates, we offer the most comprehensive cannabis accounting solutions on the market. We are focused on keeping you in compliance with both local and federal rules and regulations while saving you time, effort, and money. 

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What We Provide

We are not your typical accounting firm; we are your one-stop provider for accounting, audit, tax and advisory services. To put it simply, our extensive services will help you cultivate a compliant portfolio while creating strong financial internal controls.

Tax Planning and Compliance

We know the unfair tax burden placed on your business by 280e and
complex state and local regulations. That's why we've applied our
breadth of industry knowledge to help clients like you comply with complex
local, state, and federal tax policies. Plus, we offer ongoing review services to
maintain compliance and reduce risks.

Consulting Services

As a business leader, you know the importance of your organization's
compliance performance and that sometimes finding the right balance
between being compliant and running your business is not easy.
Our consulting services perfectly complement your onsite employees as we
operate both as a partner and internal auditor to keep things in check. This
program will assist you in meeting your regulatory obligations and maximize
profitability by optimizing business processes. We will conduct an analysis of
your compliance history with all relevant agencies, as well as a deep dive into
the inner workings of your business. Through this program, you can rest
assured that your company's compliance systems are working as they should

Internal controls Management

Maintain strong internal controls with limited resources. With 280e support
from Victor & Associates, our specialists can work with you to evaluate and
enhance your internal control processes. We can assist in establishing an
internal audit function, develop processes and procedures, implement
inventory and cash control programs, and operationalize business strategies.

Outsourced CFO

Whether you are in the startup phase or already established, you may not
have the resources to staff your back office fully. However, it is much too
costly to overlook these foundational pillars of your business. A robust back
office is integral to your bottom line. The absence of this support significantly
increases your audit risk and reduces profits due to operational inefficiencies.
Our CFO services provide you with this essential support and create a
customized roadmap to manage costs and navigate complex financial
decisions to help you grow with confidence.

Audit Representation

Navigating the IRS can be extremely daunting and confusing. This is especially
true for cannabis businesses. One of the biggest hurdles your business can
face is owing back taxes to the IRS that you cannot pay. When you are under
the microscope, you want experienced tax professionals with a proven track
record on your side. At Victor & Associates, we are your shield before the IRS.
Using proven strategies, our experts can assist you through audits, help
reduce your tax debt, and stop wage garnishments and bank levies from
happening. In some cases, you may be able to settle for less than 50% of the
amount owed.


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Our goal is to provide financial leadership, guidance, and advice that you can depend on to help you grow your cannabis business.

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