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Let’s begin the journey towards building your wealth legacy – one tax strategy at a time.

Twenty Minutes: That's how long it takes for us to radically change your finances.

Imagine a life where you no longer dread tax season. A life where you're not just saving on taxes but also building a wealth legacy for generations to come. That's our promise at Victor & Associates.

We believe in doing things differently, exceptionally, but always within the bounds of the law. We craft strategies just for you - as unique as your financial dreams.

Our comprehensive tax advisory service empowers you to achieve and surpass your financial goals. We build connections by understanding your needs, prompt action with personalized tax-saving strategies, and create results by changing your relationship with money.

Education is the first step to empowerment. We help you master the mysteries of tax laws, evolve your money mindset, and grow your business with brilliant strategies.

We all want to save on taxes, but this is about more than immediate tax savings. It's about building a robust wealth legacy. When you walk through our doors, you're not just a client. You're a part of the Victor & Associates family. And family is all about growing together.

Are you ready to transform your finances? Are you prepared to go from frustration to triumph?

Your legacy is waiting. Victor & Associates is committed to ensuring that every interaction with us leaves you better off financially, empowering you to significantly impact your family and community.

This is more than just tax advisory. This is your journey to financial freedom and a wealth legacy.

Christianie-Carty Founder Victor and Associates

Christianie Carty

Founder Victor and Associates

Expert Advisor

We keep it in-house! Our network consists of highly skilled and seasoned tax advisors, attorneys, and accountants. No matter what aspect of your business you need assistance with, we can provide it.

Tax Partner

We are your Tax Partner. We equip business owners and operators with the keys to success, thus putting you on the path for optimal performance.


Helping businesses grow is at the heart of what we do. We help entrepreneurs win business licenses, optimize operations, and maximize their profits.

We Offer Top-Tier Tax Planning & Advisory ForStart UpsLarge CorporationsEveryone In Between

At Victor and Associates, we are dedicated to providing top-tier tax planning and advisory services. We don’t just keep you compliant; we focus on the bigger picture: maximizing tax savings and building wealth. Our personalized tax planning services are designed to navigate and leverage the tax laws for your benefit. With us, your business isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving on the road to financial success.


What We Provide

We are not your typical accounting firm. We're your comprehensive partner for all things accounting, audit, tax, and advisory. Consider us your financial compass, guiding you through all the intricacies of finance with the confidence and expertise only a seasoned partner can provide.

Business Strategy

Our experienced advisors will provide business growth strategies tailor-made for your business, operation management, and brand visibility, ultimately increasing your revenue and success. Become a partner today and gain the freedom to do the business (work) that moves you.

Tax Preparation

By entrusting your tax preparation to us, you're not just investing in service; you're investing in the opportunity to refocus on the more crucial aspects of your business. Contact us today if you're ready to experience a stress-free tax season. We're excited to learn about your business and discuss how our tax preparation services can provide the financial clarity and confidence you need to succeed.

Tax Planning & Advisory

Our focus is on savings you thousands in taxes now and positioning you to build tax-free wealth for the future. We exploit every available tax advantage to ensure you retain more of
your hard-earned money. Money that you can utilize to reinvest in growth and lay the groundwork for a thriving future.

Outsourced CFO

Our CFO services provide you with this essential support and create a
customized roadmap to manage costs and navigate complex financial
decisions to help you grow with confidence.

Tax Relief

Headed by Christianie Victor-Carty, EA, MSCTA, MBA, a highly qualified enrolled agent, our team boasts over twenty-five years of experience in successfully navigating these choppy waters. We don't just handle your case; we deliver results. Trust us to turn that fear into relief. Let us shoulder the burden, so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.


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